Here following we report the publications starting from 2016. Please go here for a complete list of publications.


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G. D'Amico, P. Panci, A. Lupi, S. Bovino, J. Silk, Massive Black Holes from dissipative Dark Matter, MNRAS, 473, 328 ArXiV


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S. Bovino, T. Grassi, D. R. G. Schleicher, and R. Banerjee, The formation of the primitive star SDSS J102915+172927: effect of the dust mass and the grain-size distribution., ApJ, 832, 154 ArXiV
S. Bovino, T. Grassi, P. R. Capelo, D. R. G. Schleicher, and R. Banerjee, A chemical model for the interstellar medium in galaxies, A&A, 590, A15 ArXiV
D. R. G. Schleicher, S. Bovino, M. A. Latif, A. Ferrara, and T. Grassi, The chemical evolution of self-gravitating primordial disks, A&A, 585, A11 ArXiV


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