Theory Group Concepción

Departamento de Astronomía, Universidad de Concepción, Chile

Astro-Chela - Astronomy talks in your local Pub

In December 2018 we started a new outreach series with small talks in pubs in Concepcion. Please visit our Outreach page or join the Facebook group: Astro-Chela Concepcion.

Próximos eventos:

  • Martes 08.01. 20.00 h - Good Bar - Pluton
  • Miercoles 09.01. 20.00 h - Black Sheep - Los Eclipses Solares 2019/2020
  • Martes 15.01. 20.00 h - Good Bar - Dia, Año, Mes - que es?


Dr. Stefano Bovino
Dr. Michael Fellhauer
Dr. Dominik Schleicher

Departamento de Astronomía
Avenida Esteban Iturra s/n
Casilla 160-C
Universidad de Concepción
Concepción, Chile

stefanobovino, mfellhauer, dschleicher (at)

We are now also on Facebook:
Theory Group Concepcion Outreach

The Theory Group Concepción is part of the large Anillo project about the formation and evolution of super-massive black-holes. Click on logo for more information.

The Theory Group Concepción has its own supercomputer called "Kultrun". It is a hybrid machine with the largest shared memory machine in Chile (224 cores) called "Ada Lovelace". Click on logo for more information.

About Us:

The theory group at the Department of Astronomy (Departamento de Astronomía; DdeA), Universidad de Concepción (UdeC), exists since 2009. It started with the arrival of Dr. Michael Fellhauer, who is working in the field of numerical stellar dynamics, in late 2008 as the first theoretical astronomer at the DdeA, and his first student Paulina Assmann, starting her PhD in numerical simulations of the formation of dwarf spheroidal galaxies (dSph), in 2009.

In March 2015 Dr. Dominik Schleicher arrived as the second theoretical professor joining the DdeA and its theory group. He brought his expertise in magneto-hydrodynamical simulations into our group.

As of December 2017 Dr. Stefano Bovino joined the Theory Group Concepción, with his expertise in computational astro-chemistry.

Astronomy Building, UdeC

Today, the group consists of three professors, two post-docs and 19 students. In the 10 years of existence the theory group published more than 95 articles in refereed journals and saw the finalisation of 1 PhD, 7 Magister and 9 titulo theses. We acquired 10 FONDECYT projects (4 regular, 1 iniciacion, 5 postdoctorado), 2 post-doc position grants, a Chilean-German cooperation project from CONICYT, a big Quimal grant for the largest shared memeory computer in Chile, several small grants and are part of CATA. Most recently Prof. Schleicher won an Anillo grant.

We have established national and international working collaborations with groups all over the world. The students have presented successfully their work in many national and international conferences and usually obtained grants to continue with their PhD thesis at prestigious institutes abroad.

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